Nissan's New Concept SUV Is An Odd-Looking Bid For the Youth Market

nissan terra suv concept

Photo: Nissan

Going into the Paris Motor Show, Nissan has revealed the TeRRA, a hydrogen fuel-cell powered concept. Chock full of new technology, it’s meant to appeal to young drivers who are concerned about carbon emissions and insist on having their gadgets at hand, at all times.Nissan freely admits that this is “purely a concept car,” but adds that it’s a sign the car company “is ready to mass-produce fuel cell electric vehicles.”

The design is striking — many will hate it — but that’s what concept cars are for. They’re ideas that often double as punching bags. The question is: Is this what future generations of drivers are looking for?

The floor is flat and the seats fold down, making it ideal for transporting large items.

The hydrogen fuel cell powers three electric motors.

A removable tablet doubles as a dashboard.

The fuel cell electric powertrain in this concept is similar to that of the Leaf.

An odd diagonal setup puts the driver at the centre of the vehicle.

The TeRRA will be officially introduced at the Paris Motor Show on September 27.

Now for an SUV that's definitely what drivers want.

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