Nissan's Says Its New Crossover Is The World's 'Most Parkable Car'

Nissan has unveiled the latest version of the Qashqai crossover, and it’s calling it the “world’s most parkable car.”

That’s because Nissan has updated its Park Assist system to make the Qashqai better than ever at getting itself into tight spots (the driver just controls forward and reverse).

The vehicle can fit into a space just 31 inches longer than the car itself (just over 14 feet). Pretty impressive.

The system can measure the space, detect moving objects, and provide a 360 degree overhead camera view.

That’s not especially new, but the Qashqai does have one feature we haven’t seen before: To make sure the rear view camera is never dirty or fogged up, Nissan included a high pressure water jet and compressed air nozzle, to clean and blow dry it when necessary.

Nissan sells the Qashqai in Japan, and Europe, but not North America. The 2014 will start for £17,595 ($28,659).

The water jet thing is pretty cool, but I take issue with Nissan claiming the “most parkable car” title. The Qashqai may be easy to park, but that doesn’t mean it will fit just anywhere. It’s still 14 feet long.

The most parkable car is still the car that’s smallest, and that honour goes to the P45, created by Jeremy Clarkson of “Top Gear.”

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