Check Out Live Photos Of Nissan's New All-Electric Tesla Killer

Nissan ESFLOW side

Photo: All Cars Electric

While its official world debut isn’t pegged until the 2011 Geneva Motor Show in just a few weeks, the Nissan ESFLOW electric sports car concept has been revealed in the flesh–or should we say aluminium and carbon fibre?–at a special media event in Frankfurt, Germany today.

The High Gear Media team was on hand to bring you these live shots of the striking concept, revealing it in the utmost detail and giving us a look at its futuristic interior for the first time. 

The ESFLOW is Nissan’s vision of what a zero-emission electric sports car could look like, and based on what we’ve seen we have to admit we’re like it. Using technology pioneered in the Leaf, the new concept shows that driving can still be as much fun tomorrow as it is today.

Most of its specs are already known; with a lightweight aluminium chassis, composite body and the same lithium-ion battery pack found in the Leaf, the ESFLOW promises a range of at least 150 miles per charge and exhilarating performance.Speaking of the battery pack, it’s mounted low and with a mind for weight distribution, the better to preserve handling balance. Nissan says the rear-wheel drive ESFLOW will also do 0-62 mph in less than 5.0 seconds, which puts in on par with most of the top sports cars on the market today.

So how close is the ESFLOW to a production reality? Surprisingly close despite the funky look. Nissan says the concept is based on existing technology, but “implemented in innovative ways.” Those wild curves, for instance, aren’t steel, but composite, and they’re wrapped over an aluminium chassis. And the powertrain, as mentioned, is a beefed up version of the setup found in the Leaf.

The 2011 Geneva Motor Show kicks off on March 1. Follow our complete coverage of the event by clicking here.

This post originally appeared on All Cars Electric.

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The paint job is gorgeous

What are those things sticking out from the headlights?

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Opening the trunk

View of the interior from the rear

Now that's a stylish dashboard

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This LCD screen controls everything

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