Nintendo’s Stock In Decline

By M.H. Williams

According to a report by Andriasang, concerns over the performance of the 3DS have led to a fall in Nintendo’s stock price.  Fisco, an investment services company, noted that the stock price had dropped for the last four consecutive days.

Investment bank Barclays Capitol has pointed to the decline in 3DS sales and the delays in certain titles, both problems that can be attributed to the ongoing disaster in Japan.  Many companies have delayed titles like Tecmo’s Dead or Alive Dimensions, but those games have not yet been given new release dates.

The 3DS slump has allowed the PSP to overtake the system on last week’s Media Create chart.  The ageing PSP sold 57,379 units (via Andriasang), beating out Nintendo’s new portable by almost 10,000 units. The system has sold 836,000 units in Japan, far below the 1.5 million the company planned to ship into the region by March 31, 2011. 

Bloomberg reported that Nintendo’s stock fell 2 per cent to ¥20,600 ($242.11) yesterday, with many blaming the drop on the recent aftershock that hit 7.4 on the Richter scale.