Nintendo’s New Wii Features: Musical Instruments, Speakerphone


Nintendo’s (NTDOY) latest from the E3 gaming expo: WiiMusic — its take on “Rock Band” and “Guitar Hero” — and “WiiSpeak,” a speakerphone adaptor.

What do they do?

WiiMusic turns Wii controllers you already have — like the Wiimote, nunchuk, and WiiFit balance board — into more than 50 instruments, including guitar, piano, drums, saxophone, violin, etc. Unlike “Rock Band” or other musical games, it’s not a contest — more a simple “band in a box” simulation, which you can use to record wacky tunes.

WiiSpeak lets you talk trash at — or discuss strategy with — other gamers while you’re playing them over the Internet. Assuming the sound quality is tolerable, it seems like it’d be a lot more fun than a bunch of dudes sitting around in a room wearing Xbox headsets.

Photo: Gizmodo