PHOTOS: The Coolest Features In Nintendo's New Wii U Video Game Console

nintendo wii u

Photo: Dylan Love

The Wii U is here and we got to spend some time with it.Here’s a close-up look at Nintendo’s newest console.

The console itself isn't much to look at, but that's OK...

...because the Wii U GamePad is where a lot of the magic happens.

When you turn everything on, you're greeted with this social layer on your television. I mostly ignored it.

Here's the main menu as it appears on the GamePad.

Watching Netflix and other streaming services is a piece of cake.

And since the Wii U supports HD output, it looks great.

The GamePad turns into a touch-sensitive remote when streaming video.

And you can easily switch the video from your television to the controller.

Here's the TV function that lets you control your television directly from the GamePad.

The Nintendo eShop is a place for you to pick up bonus content and some of your favourite old games.

And of course, there's Mario.

Play it on the TV...

...or play it on the GamePad.

Lastly, there's Nintendo TVii.

Tell it what you like and it will generate recommendations and even build a TV guide for you to pick from.

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