The Wii U Is Coming Soon -- Here's Why It Will Be Ridiculously Awesome

wii u screen mirroring

Nintendo’s Wii U and Gamepad boast some impressive capabilties.

This video walks you through how the new console will work.

Only time will tell if it’s a success, but for the immediate here and now, we’re impressed.

Here's Nintendo's solution -- the Wii U Gamepad

It has controller knobs that can be rotated 360 degrees

It's contoured to fit comfortably in your hands

It even has NFC capabilities

And the TV control button makes it into a remote...

You have full control over your television with it

The device is capable of displaying completely different images than what appears on the television screen

So games can become much more immersive, like in this golf game

While the TV is occupied, Wii games can be beamed to the Wii U Gamepad...

...even super-detailed images you might only see on a television

It interprets motion with help from motion sensors and gyros

And its screen is touch-sensitive

Because the Wii U can handle gaming on its own, there's a new controller available for it as well

And yes, there's a web browser

Now for a demo video -- here's a gamer having trouble getting past a bad guy in a zombie game

He turns the Wii U Gamepad into a webcam to get advice from another gamer

The advice works and he wins!

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