Nintendo Switch is on track to sell 20 million units in 2018

In just 10 short months, the Nintendo Switch has sold more units than the Wii U’s entire five-year lifetime on the market. The hybrid console’s popularity has even surpassed Nintendo’s original sales target, with close to 15 million units sold since March 2017.

As this chart by Statista shows, the original Wii is still one of the top-selling consoles across its entire lifetime, but the Switch’s exploding popularity might eventually surpass it, given Nintendo’s ambitions for the product.

The company intends to sell a whopping 20 million units during the company’s next fiscal year, which would mean that the Switch would outpace both the entire lifetime sales of both Nintendo 64 and Nintendo GameCube in only two years.

Chart of the dayBi Graphics/Samantha Lee

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