Nintendo's hugely popular Switch console is getting a $35 price cut ... sort of

NintendoMario stays stacking coins.
  • Nintendo’s Switch console launched in March 2017 at $US300 and has been wildly successful.
  • Given that continued success, Nintendo has yet to offer a price drop on the console.
  • Though the console’s price remains locked at $US300, an upcoming bundle includes a $US35 Nintendo eShop gift card – the closest we’ve gotten to a price cut so far.

Still holding your breath for that Nintendo Switch price drop?

If you’re looking for an outright discount on the system, keep holding – Nintendo’s Switch remains $US300.

That said: Starting on February 15, Nintendo will offer a Nintendo Switch bundle that comes with a $US35 gift card for the Nintendo eShop, which offers the full library of Switch games to purchase. That’s pretty close to a price cut!

Nintendo Switch eShop bundleNintendoNot quite, but sort of!

Unlike previous Nintendo Switch bundles that included specific games, this one contains the equivalent of $US35 digital dollars to use on whatever you’d like in Nintendo’s voluminous digital storefront, the Nintendo eShop.

And let’s be honest: What else were you going to do with your new Nintendo Switch? Watch YouTube videos?

You were going to buy a game anyway! Now you’ve got a $US35 discount at very least.

It sounds like the offer is somewhat limited (“while supplies last,” according to Nintendo), so maybe don’t wait too long after February 15 to jump on this deal. And while we’re suggesting things, do yourself a favour and pick up “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” with that new Switch! It’s great!

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