One of the most popular Black Friday items has no discount

  • The Nintendo Switch is one of the most popular items this holiday season.
  • Retailers had plenty of the video-game consoles in stock on Black Friday, though they weren’t discounted.
  • It was still one of the best-selling items at Black Friday sales over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Though Black Friday events are usually all about the deals, sometimes it’s even better to get a hard-to-find item.

The Nintendo Switch is one such example this Black Friday.

The highly sought-after video-game console has struggled to remain in stock since its debut earlier this year, and there was speculation that there wouldn’t be enough to last through the holiday season.

Part of the issue, as a Nintendo executive has acknowledged, is that the company did not anticipate the widespread popularity of the console.

That means that all that retailers had to do was advertise that they had the new console to get them to fly off shelves. Both Target and Walmart included the Switch in their Black Friday circulars. The item stood out because there was discount attached to it – just its $US300 price tag.

Because it’s a new console, it wasn’t expected to have discounts on Black Friday. Retailers saw enough demand for it, however, that they decided to include it in their advertising anyway.

It seems to have worked.

Target called the Switch one of its best-selling items in its sales on Thanksgiving Day, right alongside an Xbox One with a $US50 discount. Data from Adobe Analytics also showed that the Switch was a top console on Black Friday, along with the Xbox One X.

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