Nintendo is selling more consoles than the competition did last year, despite supply issues

It seems that Nintendo has finally cracked the code to get more of its consoles into American homes.

Nintendo’s Switch console has been the top-selling games console in the US for five of the past seven months since its March release, despite the fact that the console has been hard to find for many buyers, according to new data from Nintendo charted for us by Statista. It’s a stark contrast to the company’s previous console, the Wii U, which didn’t enjoy much success.

That’s compared to other “current-generation console hardware” sold in the same months of 2016, according to Nintendo. Of course, both Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One were released in 2013, which could account for their slower sales compared to Nintendo’s Switch, but Microsoft released a smaller and sleeker Xbox One S in August and Sony is selling its 4K/HDR-capable PlayStation 4 Pro. Microsoft also plans to release an Xbox One X in November, which also supports 4K and HDR.

Nintendo has sold over 2 million Switch consoles to date in the US, and it has yet to go through the holiday season when sales are usually even greater for devices like games consoles.

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