Nintendo just launched a less expensive, smaller version of the wildly popular Nintendo Switch — take a look

Ben Gilbert/Business Insider
  • Nintendo’s Switch is wildly popular – and now it’s got a kid brother, the Nintendo Switch Lite.
  • Unlike the original Nintendo Switch, which acts as a home console paired with a TV as well as a portable console you can take on the go, Nintendo Switch Lite is a dedicated handheld console.
  • At just $US200, the Switch Lite is likely to be a major hit this holiday.
  • We just got the Switch Lite on Friday, and took it out for a photo shoot.
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Nintendo just launched a new version of its wildly popular Nintendo Switch console, and it’s just $US200 – a $US100 price reduction from the existing Switch.

The new version of the Switch, which Nintendo calls the Nintendo Switch Lite, is a dedicated portable console.

That means it can’t be connected to a TV, like the current Switch, and its controllers cannot be detached. But what it loses in versatility it makes up for in portability.

Here’s a closer look:

Right off the bat, it’s pretty easy to see some major differences between the Nintendo Switch Lite and the original Switch. For one, controls are now built-in to the device instead of being detachable controllers.

Ben Gilbert/Business Insider

Here’s a closer look at the control area, which cannot be detached:

Ben Gilbert/Business Insider

Another big difference: There’s a d-pad in place of the four buttons found on the original Switch.


In most other ways, though, the Lite is identical to the original. It’s still got a shoulder button and a trigger on each side, and the game card slot is still under a little plastic flap.

Ben Gilbert/Business Insider

The power button and the volume rocker are still set along the left side of the top of the console:

Ben Gilbert/Business Insider

There’s one pretty notable difference on the back: No kickstand! It’s been removed on the Lite. That means it can’t stand up on its own.

Ben Gilbert/Business InsiderAdmittedly, I found it pretty easy to prop up the Switch Lite without the use of a kickstand.

Since the kickstand is removed, the micro SD card reader is now on the lower right:

Ben Gilbert/Business Insider

There’s one other big addition with the Switch Lite: Multiple colours!


Here’s a quick look at how the Switch Lite compares to the original Switch, in terms of size:


On the standard, $US300 Nintendo Switch console, the touch screen is 6.2 inches. On the new Nintendo Switch Lite, the touch screen comes in at 5.5 inches.

Take a closer look at the Nintendo Switch Lite in this video from Nintendo:

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