Nintendo is releasing a $20 add-on for the Switch that addresses a major frustration with the console

  • Nintendo has a new Switch accessory that offers a major convenience for many Switch owners.
  • The portable charging stand allows you to charge the Switch while playing games in tabletop mode.
  • Currently, you can’t easily charge the Nintendo Switch while the kickstand is down: The charging cable gets in the way.
  • For just $US20, it’s a steal.

Nintendo’s making a new accessory for its wildly popular Switch console that looks tremendously useful – and it’s just $US20.

As you can see above, the adjustable charging stand adds the ability to play games while the Switch itself is charging.

Here’s a look at the standard dock for comparison:

Nintendo SwitchNintendo

The standard Nintendo Switch dock is intended as a means of charging the console while playing games on a television. It isn’t intended as a means of charging the console while in use – you can plug in the Switch to charge it while being used, but the plug is on the bottom of the console.

It’s more than a little cumbersome when the console is held like a handheld, and outright impossible to use if you want to prop up the Switch on its stand and play it as a standalone console.

Like so:

Nintendo SwitchBen Gilbert / Business Insider

Since the plug is on the bottom of the Switch, it’s literally impossible to prop it up on the stand while being charged.

The $US20 adjustable stand fixes that issue by enabling the Switch to be charged while used as a standalone game console – no TV required.

To be all the way clear: No, this isn’t a stand-in for the dock your Switch came with. There’s no way to use the adjustable charging stand as a means of playing the Switch on a TV, so this isn’t a replacement for the dock. But if you’re looking for an easy way to play games on your Switch in tabletop mode for longer than a few hours, this is the solution.

Nintendo plans to release the Switch adjustable charging stand on July 13 for just $US20.

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