Here's everything you get with Nintendo's miniature $120 Super Nintendo

It’s 2017, and yet here I am rounding up pendants in “The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past” past midnight.

That’s because I spent the weekend in the early-to-mid-’90s, wires strewn across my living room, playing Super Nintendo games on this beauty:

The adorably diminutive Super NES Classic Edition is nearly here — the console costs $120 and is scheduled for a September 29 launch. It comes with 21 games, the vast majority of which are foundational classics of gaming (think: “Super Mario World,” “Mario Kart,” and the aforementioned “Zelda” game).

Nintendo sent Business Insider a Super NES Classic Edition late last week. Before we dig into what it’s like to play the console, here’s a tour of everything you get for your $120:

Here it is! As promised, the Super NES Classic Edition literally fits in the palm of your hand. It's also outrageously light, which makes sense given that it's essentially a plastic box with little inside taking up space.

Ben Gilbert/Business Insider
It even fits in my palm, which is saying something given that I have small hands.

For a size comparison, I've lined up some familiar Amiibo behind the Super NES Classic Edition. That the Amiibo loom over the box should tell you something about how tiny this console is.

Ben Gilbert/Business Insider
And yes, Yarn Yoshi is the best. I agree.

Not everything about the Super NES Classic Edition is tiny -- the game pad is a near perfect re-creation of the original. The game pad is normal-sized, even though it looks like a giant in comparison with the console.

Ben Gilbert/Business Insider

There is one big difference with the Super NES Classic Edition game pad from the original, and it's one that makes a lot of sense given the 26 years of distance between now and when the SNES launched in North America.

Ben Gilbert/Business Insider

It's the ports -- these original SNES game pad ports are just for show. It's a facade!

Ben Gilbert/Business Insider

Instead, you flip down a panel and use these far more modern ports. Nintendo swapped the original SNES game pad plugs for these instead -- the same ones Nintendo has been using since the Wii.

Ben Gilbert/Business Insider

Here's a closer look -- the front of the console has a plastic panel that flips out, revealing space for two game pads:

Ben Gilbert/Business Insider

The only real complaint I have with the Super NES Classic Edition hardware is this panel. It feels flimsy, and I'd be worried about it breaking off by accident.

Ben Gilbert/Business Insider

Keep in mind: This is a console that, while being used, is sitting in the middle of the floor, most likely.

When I was using the Super NES Classic Edition in my (relatively small, New York City apartment) living room, I was constantly terrified I'd kick it or I'd catch a wire or whatever else.

Since the game pads are wired, and the console also needs to connect to power and your television, there's no real way to avoid this problem -- unless you want to sit very close to your television, like I did as a child. I don't suggest it! You could also play the console on a desk or some such, but let's be honest here: Most people are going to plug this thing into their living room TV, and that means it's likely sitting in the middle of the floor.

It's easy to imagine accidentally kicking off the panel altogether with one misplaced foot. It just isn't very solid.

Both of the blue sliders function, but the eject button and the cartridge slot are just placeholder pieces of plastic. The power slider turns the console on and off, while the reset slider acts like a Home button -- you use it to return to the main menu screen, where you can select games to play or change settings.

Ben Gilbert/Business Insider

The level of detail, despite its miniaturization, is stunning. The little lights next to the power slider and on the front of the console function just as they did on the original SNES in the '90s.

Ben Gilbert/Business Insider

Here's a top-down look at the full box, unpacked.

Ben Gilbert/Business Insider

And here's a bit more detail. Two major things to note: The included HDMI cable and the USB cable for power are woefully short. I used longer cables for both rather than the ones included in the box.

Ben Gilbert/BusinessInsider

Beyond just being an adorable re-creation of a classic game console, the Super NES Classic Edition comes with 21 games packed in. No need to find old cartridges -- simply turn it on and jump in to any of the games listed below.

Ben Gilbert/Business Insider

1. 'Contra III: The Alien Wars'

2. 'Donkey Kong Country'

3. 'EarthBound'

4. 'Final Fantasy III'

5. 'F-Zero'

6. 'Kirby Super Star'

7. 'Kirby's Dream Course'

8. 'The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past'

9. 'Mega Man X'

10. 'Secret of Mana'

11. 'Star Fox'

12. 'Star Fox 2'

13. 'Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting'

14. 'Super Castlevania IV'

15. 'Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts'

16. 'Super Mario Kart'

17. 'Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars'

18. 'Super Mario World'

19. 'Super Metroid'

20. 'Super Punch-Out!!'

21. 'Yoshi's Island'

The Super NES Classic Edition is scheduled to launch on September 29, and it costs $120. Whether you grew up with a SNES or haven't ever played one, the selection of classic games alone makes it worth your time. If nothing else it's a delightfully retro little box to keep around.

Ben Gilbert/Business Insider

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