Nintendo is reportedly ramping up production of its Switch console to meet increasing demand

GettyImages 820416748Michael Kovac / StringerActress Krysten Ritter from the Marvel series ‘Jessica Jones’ playing with a Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo is ramping up the production of its Switch console, according to a report from DigiTimes (which we first saw via TechCrunch).

The company is set to ship about 20 million units before the end of FY 2017 — which also coincides with the first year of the console on the market — and is going to need to increase production if it wants to hit that mark.

Demand is growing, as expected, and the company is reportedly confident that it will be able to reach its target.

As per DigiTimes’ report, one of the biggest problems Nintendo has had to face has little to do with supply chain problems, and more with shortage of key components such as the DRAM.

Foxconn currently takes care of over 50% of the Switch’s production output, and will be in charge of delivering higher numbers as Nintendo prepares to launch the console in China some time in early 2018.

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