This Is Nintendo's Newest Handheld Console

Nintendo announced a new lineup of 3DS handheld consoles during its Nintendo Direct broadcast Wednesday morning.

The main differences between the old lineup and the new one? The new 3DS consoles are faster, have a new “C-stick” for camera controls, and work with the company’s line of NFC-enabled Amiibo figurines, which you can buy and insert into games to give you an advantage.

The new 3DS consoles also come with face-tracking technology, which is very important for this console. On older 3DS consoles, you had to sit right in front of the screen to get the 3D effect; but now, the new consoles will be able to track your eyes and face so you can see the console’s 3D from any angle.

Take a look at the new consoles:

Since the new 3DS XL comes out the same day as “The Legend Of Zelda: Majora’s Mask for 3DS,” Nintendo will also release a special edition of the new 3DS that looks like this:

Unfortunately, Nintendo is only selling the $US200 3DS XL in North America. The smaller and cheaper Nintendo 3DS model will be in Japan only. When asked if the normal 3DS will ever come to the US, Nintendo says “we have nothing to announce at this time.”

The new 3DS XL will release in the US on Feb. 13.

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