Nintendo just revealed extraordinary new add-ons for the Switch - made from cardboard

Picture: Nintendo

There’s a moment in Nintendo’s new announcement where you start to think it can’t be real. This:

That’s a kid wearing a Switch add-on made from cardboard. It is real, and just wait until you get a look at what’s going on inside that box.

And there are a heap more, in this plug that just went out that is actually jaw-dropping:

It’s called Nintendo Labo. Who would have thought cardboard could be so engaging in 2018?

Nintendo did, proving once again they’re the top dog when it comes to video game innovation. This is perhaps the kind of thing president Tatsumi Kimishima meant when he said the Switch has “a long lifespan”.

Obviously, in ways no one thought possible – except Nintendo.

Labo goes on sale on April 20 in US and April 27 in Europe.

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