Nintendo Goes After Kindle Crowd With GameBoy DS E-Reader


Count one more e-reader on the market: Nintendo inked a deal with publisher HarperCollins to turn its DS portable game console in a electronic book reading device in the UK. A new cartridge coming on the market has the full text of about 100 classic (old) books.

The Times (UK): The 100 Classic Book Collection ranges from Shakespeare and Dickens to Jane Austen and the Brontë sisters. It will cost about £20 and will be available initially only in Britain.

The Kindle isn’t on sale in the UK.

Readers will turn the pages by brushing a finger across the screen. If the collection is a success, Nintendo may expand the range of books available.

We like the idea of using gadgets you already own like a DS or an iPhone as an e-reader — as opposed to buying a purpose-built Amazon Kindle or Sony’s (SNE) e-reader. It’s not as pleasant an experience, but it’s a lot cheaper. We wonder if Amazon will eventually offer Kindle apps for those platforms to sell more e-books, or if they’ll restrict their e-book sales to Kindles only forever.

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Image: Times (UK)