Nintendo’s SNES Classic Edition will come with three of the four most popular games made for the original version

Consumers who are lucky enough to get their hands on one of the new Super Nintendo Classic Edition consoles will not only be getting an inexpensive remake of the popular game machine, they will also be getting some of the top games that were made for the original version.

The SNES Classic Edition is a miniaturized version of Nintendo’s original Super Nintendo Entertainment System from the early 1990s. It costs only $US80 and comes loaded with 21 classic games. Among those are six of the 10 most popular games that were made for the original console, as this chart from Statista — which is based on data from VGChartz and Nintendo — shows.

Many fans ended up disappointed last year when Nintendo’s NES Classic, a miniaturized version of its original game machine from the 1980s, ran out of stock. The company has promised to make “significantly more” units of the SNES Classic, but when preorders for the device went live on Amazon and Best Buy on Monday night, the device sold out almost immediately. With a game lineup like this, it’s not hard to see why.