Nintendo Tries To Save Christmas With A Raincheck


Nintendo and Gamestop are trying to grab dollars from the pockets of holiday shoppers before it is too late. On December 20 and 21, Gamestop will be selling Wii rainchecks that guarantee delivery of the $250 console by the end of January.

We’d rather spend Christmas morning tearing apart wrapping paper and setting up our Wii instead of pulling an IOU out of an envelope, but it’s better than nothing. And anyway, this isn’t about our wants and desires — it’s about Nintendo’s efforts not to leave money on the table.

For the second straight holiday season, the Wii has been an elusive purchase for consumers, much to Nintendo’s detriment. The New York Times reported today:

Estimates from industry analysts and retailers indicate that the company, which is based in Kyoto, Japan, is giving up $1 billion or more in sales in the ever-important holiday retail season, not including sales of games for those unbuilt consoles.

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