Nintendo 3DS Sales Have Tapered Since Launch

Nintendo 3DS


By James BrightmanNintendo certainly got off to a decent start with the new 3DS, proclaiming that it was instantly the best launch for any of its handhelds in history. Initial sales were strong (upwards of 750k in America in 5 days), but analysts are beginning to wonder if the 3D portable has the same kind of staying power as previous Nintendo devices.

A new industry note from Lazard Capital Markets analyst Colin Sebastian points out that 3DS is already slowing down. “Based on our recent checks, we believe that sales of the 3DS have slowed considerably since the initial launch window, although the Easter holiday could provide a near-term boost,” he commented.

Sebastian also remarked that Nintendo is likely going to have to make a move to give the Wii, which has been fading, some extra buzz. “Looking further ahead, we believe that Nintendo is likely to consider additional console price/bundle offerings in order to stimulate Wii sales into the summer months,” he said.