Nintendo 3DS Will "Sell Like Hotcakes," Says EA Exec

Nintendo 3DS

Most would agree that Nintendo stole this year’s E3 show with its 3DS unveiling. Very few people had any bad things to say about the new handheld, which offers 3D gaming on the small screen without the need to wear special glasses.

In our wide-ranging interview with EA COO John Schappert, the executive could barely contain his excitement for the device. 

“The 3DS is just incredibly cool. The 3DS is magical. You put that in your hand, you look down, and all of a sudden it’s in 3D without glasses. That’s an amazing experience. I’m a huge fan,” he said. “I think that device is going to sell like hot cakes. I think it’s going to do incredibly well, and in typical Nintendo fashion they have re-energized the industry, yet again. I give them nothing but credit and we are excited to be supporting that platform with Madden, FIFA, and The Sims that we announced.”

As for the PSP, Sony has still done little to really move the needle, especially in the face of the 3DS juggernaut.

Schappert acknowledged, “I think the PSP business has been challenged for a little while now.” But from the EA perspective, Schappert of course wants all platforms to do well, so the publisher can reach as large an audience as possible. “I hope they’re able to breathe new life into [the PSP] because it’s been a very nice platform to date, but it has been soft of late. That said, we started out our conversation talking about the 3DS. The thing I like about being a third party publisher is… I’ve got bets on all these things. I want them all to be successful; they’re all my children and I love them all. So 3DS emerges, we want to be there. We’re going to be there and we want to do well on that platform. At the same time, I’d like to see Sony do well. I think we’re pretty well distributed there and diversified.”

He still remains “optimistic” that Sony will do something to boost PSP in the long run.

“It feels like yesterday when the PSP was on allocation because of Monster Hunter, wasn’t it? So, you know, give ’em credit. The boys are smart… they’ll do ok.”

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