9 Ways California Is Way Better Than Texas

californians‘The Californians’

We recently did a head-to-head comparison of the benefits of living in California versus those for Texas.

California won by a hair. 

The impetus for the piece was the burgeoning rivalry between the two states, which heated up after Texas Gov. Rick Perry ran a series of ads touting his state’s friendlier business climate.

But we wanted to narrow in a bit more on all the things California has to offer that Gov. Perry may have ignored. 

To be clear, we have nothing against Texas — some of us are products of their finest schools

We just think people need to be reminded that the Golden State still has a lot going for it.

California has lower property tax rates.

The average is 0.80%, compared with Texas' 1.74%.

Source: Tax Foundation

College graduation rates there are impressive.

California graduates 34.8% of its college students in four years, and 65.1% in six. Compare that with 24.4% and 49.0%, respectively, for Texas.

Source: Chronicle of Higher Education

Students get better SAT scores (though slightly fewer take them).

The average California high school student's score is 1513. In Texas it's 1446.

Source: College Board

The state is above average in terms of children enrolled in day care.

Just 39% of kids are not enrolled in child care in California. In Texas? 44%.

Source: KidsCount.org

If you're a Californian, you're less likely to die.

The 2010 mortality rate for California was 646.8 per 100,000. In Texas it's 772.3.

Source: Governing.com

You're also less likely to be obese.

California's obesity rate stands at 23.8%, compared with 30.4% in Texas.

Source: CDC

California's carbon emissions per capita have plummeted.

The state's carbon footprint is just 9 million metric tons per person, compared with 25 million metric tons for Texas.

Source: EPA

The state has more national parks per capita.

There are 0.73 national parks per million people. Texas has 0.54.

Source: Wikipedia

Finally, California's sports teams, both college and pro, are historically superior to Texas'.

We tallied up the number of championships in all major sports for both states. California has 1 championship per million people, compared with just 0.65 per million in Texas. Between UCLA and the Lakers in basketball, the San Francisco Giants in baseball and USC in football, the state dominates.

Source: Wikipedia

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