Nikon accidentally used a photo of a Fujifilm camera in an ad about its 'heritage'

Nikon has¬†apologised for an “oversight,” after using a stock image of a rival camera manufacturer in an ad captioned: “I see our heritage through Nikon spectacle lenses.”

The Japanese camera company’s “spectacle lenses” must have caused foggy vision, as the camera pictured in the ad appears to be a Fujifilm X100 — according to Petapixel, where we first spotted the story.

David McDonald, a designer, tweeted about the mistake when he saw the ad at a shop in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

After McDonald posted the tweet, photographer David Hobby was able to track down the exact image that was used in the ad. He found it on stock image website Shutterstock.

Nikon said the unfortunate ad was only on display in one store.

In a statement provided to PetaPixel, Nikon said: “An in-store poster for a Nikon Ophthalmic lens product featured a camera from another brand. This was displayed in one optical store in Belfast, Northern Ireland. This was an oversight on our part. The poster has since been removed from the store and we are taking measures to strengthen the review process of our marketing material. Nikon Optical apologises for any confusion caused by this advertisement and we thank Mr David McDonald for bringing this to our attention.”

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