A 'Twilight' Millionaire Marries Her 'American Idol' Boyfriend After Knowing Him Six Months — Here's Your Morning Gossip

nikki reed twilight paul mcdonald

  • “Twilight” star Nikki Reed wed “American Idol” castoff Paul McDonald in Malibu on Sunday. The couple met in March. A hundred guests were present; we hope McDonald’s prized bolo tie was not.  
  • Lady Gaga serenaded Bill Clinton in a Marilyn Monroeish outfit at the Clinton Foundation’s tenth-anniversary bash on Friday night.  
  • Ashton Kutcher was there without Demi Moore, and to be honest his long hair + long face is starting to bring us down.  
  • After being treated for multiple seizures, rapper Rick Ross was released from the hospital last night.  
  • Barbara Walters and Casey Anthony lawyer Jose Baez went to dinner — an Anthony sitdown could be in the near future — but when Baez went in for the hug, stone cold Walters was all “no way Jose.”  
  • Here’s how it’s done, Wall Street Occupants: activist and professor Cornel West was arrested outside the Supreme Court yesterday for protesting big-business influence in politics.  
  • Jennifer Lopez and Bradley Cooper are dating. Their reps claim the dinner they were snapped driving away from was for “work,” but we usually don’t cover our faces like that after meetings. Usually.

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