A YouTuber who was criticized for euthanizing her dog that bit her son returned to YouTube and is relaunching her Patreon

Youtuber nikki phillippi looking at the camera and sitting in a car with a forest in the background
YouTuber Nikki Phillippi announced her return to the internet following controversy in May. NikkiPhillippi/YouTube
  • YouTuber Nikki Phillippi returned to social media following backlash over euthanizing her dog.
  • In a July 14 video, she said that she was returning to YouTube and relaunching her Patreon.
  • While she’s turning off comments on YouTube and Instagram, Patreon subscribers could comment.
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YouTuber Nikki Phillippi has returned to the platform for the first time since uploading a May video about her and her husband’s decision to euthanize their dog, Bowser. Now, Phillippi says that in addition to posting on YouTube again, she’s also relaunching her Patreon – the only place that she says viewers will be able to leave comments on her videos for the time being.

Phillippi is a YouTuber and influencer with 1.26 million subscribers on YouTube and over 437,000 followers on Instagram. In May, she and her husband Dan sustained backlash online for announcing that they had put down their dog Bowser following displays of aggression, including towards their son Logan. Amid the controversy, previous content from the Phillippi’s resurfaced online concerning an adoption that the two said that they canceled in 2018 and other prior content concerning COVID-19 and vaccines.

In a July 14 video titled “long time no see.” Phillippi addressed her social media silence since the May backlash as well as her plans going forward online. She said that she left social media temporarily for mental health reasons, saying that she had been “mobbed” online, receiving death threats, and had considered stopping making content. She said that she believed her and Dan had downplayed their dog’s aggressive behavior in the video announcing his euthanization.

She also said that in the process, she and her husband Dan lost “all of [their] work for the rest of the year,” saying that a “large portion of [their] income has been this kind of family business on the internet.”

Now, Phillippi announced that she’s relaunching her Patreon, which is currently available at a $US5 ($AU7) per month subscriber tier. She previously appears to have stopped posting on Patreon in 2019. While Phillippi said that she is disabling comments on her YouTube and Instagram posts for the time being, she said that Patreon subscribers will have the ability to leave comments.

Phillippi did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for further comment.

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