Nikki Finke Wants To 'Destroy' Bret Easton Ellis After He Revealed Her Hollywood Hideout

Author Bret Easton Ellis made Deadline Hollywood entertainment editor Nikki Finke so angry that she reportedly threatened to sue him and his agency.

Ellis’ offence? He tweeted out the uber-private reporter’s top secret Hollywood address. Despite her website’s popularity, Finke hasn’t been seen in public in years and refuses to release any recent photos of herself.

In June, the “American Psycho” writer tweeted out the below to his over 310,000 followers.

Bret Easton Ellis Nikki FInke

Photo: Twitter

Bad move. Last week, here’s what the writer said happened next.

Bret Easton Ellis Nikki Finke

Photo: Twitter

According to The Observer, Finke called Ellis’ agency ICM to complain to his agent about the revealing tweet. When Ellis’s agent wasn’t available, Finke unleashed on an unassuming assistant, giving “an epic, otherworldly screaming-at, the likes of which the assistant had never previously experienced.”

It appears Ellis may have hit too close to Finke’s literal home on this one.

Nikki FinkeThis black and white photo of Nikki Finke from decades ago is the last photo of the media maven.

As Gawker reports:“Although Finke doesn’t own any units, her employer Penske Media Corporation does. (Penske Media, formerly known as Media Corporation, is racing scion Jay Penske’s attempt at building an online empire; he purchased Finke’s site for far less than $15 million three years ago). Penske Media purchased the unit for $830,000 in November 2011, according to property records.”

Incidentally, The Hollywood Reporter once offered Finke a $1 million house in Malibu in the hopes of luring her from Deadline, according to Curbed. It didn’t work, but did end in a lawsuit between the two publications.

Want to see inside The Doheny Plaza that both Finke and Ellis reportedly call home? Check out photos of the property HERE.

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