Nikki Finke Still Wants To Sue Gawker, Maybe HBO, Too

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HBO announced yesterday via The Hollywood Reporter that they are developing a new show about a ballsy Hollywood blogger.

Yes, it sounds like a show about Nikke Finke.

So Gawker reached out to the reclusive blogger to find out if the rumours were true. (Background: Finke had previously threatened to sue the site for “unfair business practices.”)

During her talk with John Cook, she eloquently established her threat still looms.

Gawker: When we explained that the lawsuit threat was the reason we refused to speak off the record, she said, “How do you know I won’t? I’d love to own your house and your kids.”

Finke went on to say that she will post any information of an HBO affiliation on Could this be a Toldja!?

The same quandary led the legal eagles over at THR, Esq. to wonder if Finke could sue HBO for an unwarranted, fictionalized version of someone that closely resembles her. The short answer is, well, maybe.

Per Bennett A. Bigman at Liner Yankelevitz, “Whether it crosses the line and could give rise to potential claims such as defamation, false light or invasion of privacy largely depends on the execution of the show and the details of how the character is portrayed.”

Read more about Finke’s possible legal standing at THR, Esq. and Gawker’s casting suggestions here.

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