Glassdoor reviews of Nike's headquarters allege there's a 'boys-club' atmosphere -- and now a second exec is out

  • Two Nike executives have recently left the company.
  • Trevor Edwards, Nike’s brand president, resigned effective immediately on Thursday. Jayme Martin, a vice president and general manager of global categories for Nike, also left Thursday, a spokesperson for Nike told Business Insider but would not confirm why.
  • The departure of these executives comes amid a probe by the company into alleged improper behaviour by employees, though the nature of that behaviour is unclear.
  • A series of Glassdoor reviews, first reported by Racked, document other issues associated with the brand’s management.

A second high-ranking exec is out at Nike.

Jayme Martin, a vice president and general manager of global categories for Nike, has left the company. Nike would not confirm to Business Insider whether Martin was pushed out of the company or left voluntarily. However, sources familiar with the matter told the Wall Street Journal that Martin was forced out.

The news comes after Trevor Edwards, the brand president once seen as a possible successor to CEO Mark Parker, suddenly resigned on Thursday.

In a note to employees, Parker announced Edwards’ resignation and said that the company had received reports of “behaviour occurring within our organisation that do not reflect our core values of inclusivity, respect and empowerment,” The Wall Street Journal reported.

“We’ve heard from strong and courageous employees,” Parker wrote in the note.

The company will be reviewing its HR systems in the wake of those reports.

A Nike spokesman told Business Insider that there have been “no direct allegations of misconduct against Trevor,” but would not comment on whether Edwards’ departure is connected with these allegations. He also declined to comment on the nature of Martin’s departure.

A series of Glassdoor reviews – written anonymously by current and former employees and first reported by Racked – document other issues associated with the brand’s management.

In one, a self-identified current employee at Nike’s HQ in Oregon wrote in January: “Disrespectful, ageist, sexist, entitled, pampered and selfish upper management. TimesUp on the odious frat-boy culture, dudes. Many women I talk to are super sick of the boys club atmosphere.”

The review continued: “Also, give people more options for seating arrangements. Some people need a quiet environment to focus and be productive. I don’t really want to hear about how drunk you got last night or listen to your 445-minute colour commentary on last night’s game when I am trying to get my work done.”

It should be noted that all Glassdoor reviews are anonymous, and the site does not verify reviewers’ employment status.

A reviewer identifying themselves as a Nike contractor wrote in March 2017: “People are stuck in their ways, and sexism is rampant. If you’re a female employee, expect to be disrespected and interrupted constantly.”

In March 2018, a senior designer who says he or she has worked at the company for more than three years, wrote: “The Equality and PRIDE campaigns are smoke and mirrors. Working in that environment is very behind. Gay employees are not treated well. Much like high school bullying. If you are a white man, or even more specifically British, White and Bald, you will love it !!!”

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