Check Out This Completely Over The Top Ode To Tiger Woods At Nike's Headquarters

In the Tiger Woods Building at Nike’s campus, there is a Tiger Woods sculpture.

Behind the sculpture there is an over-the-top ode? screed? story? about Woods. We’re not sure what to call it, but it’s one of the more, erm, interesting things we’ve read.

Below, we have a photo of it. We didn’t get a photo of the whole thing, but the top is enough to give you an idea of what it’s all about.

Here’s a quick transcription. Remember while reading this, Tiger Woods plays golf and was revealed to be a serial cheater:

….an eruption of the sacred into the profane. Earl and Kultilda call this Tiger.

A TIME WHOSE MAN HAS COME. There are others who came before him. Mozart, Frank Lloyd Wright, Rudolf Nureyev, Van [unreadable…], Helen Keller, Michael Jordan, persons of real destiny creating order and power through nuance, living in a world where fate and freedom are promised to each other. But they weren’t smacking mid-irons into the garage net at 18 months. Who is this child? This 2-year-old novelty. This 5-year-old prodigy. The world is curious. At 8 he wins the first of six International Junior titles. Could he be the one? Stanford University thinks so. At age 15, Tiger, built like a 5-iron at six feet and 139 pounds is playing to a +4.0 handicap and a similar GPA in high school. At 16 he becomes the youngest golfer ever to play in a PGA Tour event, the 1992 Los Angeles Open. He birdies number one to post his first leaderboard score, “T. Woods -1.” It’s a prophetic debut bracketed by six USGA titles, the NCAA Championship, and three consecutive U.S. Amateur titles…

Here’s the photos of the sculpture of Woods and the story about him. You can see more photos from Nike’s headquarters here >

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