Here's The Crazy-Looking Sneaker Nike Released After LeBron James Won MVP

lebron x mvp sneaker

After LeBron James won his fourth MVP award this week, Nike announced that it’s releasing a limited edition LeBron X “MVP” sneaker.

The shoe is nuts-looking, but we kind of like it.

There are all sorts of colours and textures that give the it an asymmetric feel. It verges on gaudy (especially with those weird pendant things on the laces), and some people will be instantly turned off.

LeBron is never going to be able to touch the classic look of most Jordan sneakers, so he might as well go as wild as possible.

The left and right shoe are totally different from each other

The outside of the left shoe

The inside of the left shoe

The outside of the right shoe

The inside of the right shoe

The left laces are lime green and blue

The right laces are yellow and red

The swoosh

There is a lion face involved

And inexplicably diamonds on the sock liner

The view from above

The view from the back

The view from below

What they look like on the court

Now see how LeBron spends his millions

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