An Incredible Behind-The-Scenes Look At How Nike Makes Soccer Uniforms Out Of Recycled Water Bottles

nike holland soccer uniform

Photo: Nike Better World

Nike has figured out a way to make one soccer uniform out of 13 water bottles.That’s insane!

To show people how they turn trash into treasure, Nike Better World released a hyper-kinetic video that jumps back and forth between footage of the uniforms being made, and footage of Klaas-Jan Huntelaar practicing.

We pulled out some screenshots of the “making of” footage to piece together a rough step-by-step of how 13 water bottles become a jersey.

It starts where all water bottles eventually end up — the conveyor belt in some nameless factory

Slowly but surely, the water bottles are broken down into the raw material for the polyester fabric

The material is remolded into thread by a wild-looking piece of machinery

The material is eventually pounded in spools of thread, just like you use to repair a tear. It already looks nothing like a water bottle

Now it's time to turn the thread into cloth, just like you do with wool, cotton or any other raw material

And there it is. Pristine white pieces of polyester cloth made out of recycled water bottles

The Dutch uniform is famous for it's electric orange colour, so the cloth must be dyed

This isn't a joke, they're using a mechanised eye-dropper to dye this thing

Boom, there it is, now it's starting to look like a Holland jersey

You didn't think these things were cut with scissors did you? Here's the machine that cuts the cloth into a shirt

Hey look, the front of a shirt!

Once the fabric is made, actual humans come in to finish the job. Check out this guide the worker uses to place the Nike swoosh just right

Unreal detail. Little holes on the sides of the uniforms that you'd never notice are burned into the fabric

The logo gets absolutely smashed into the shirt. This is a little more intense than screen printing

The logo works the same as temporary tattoos, apparently

A few finishing touches from grandma's sewing machine...

And there it is! A bright orange, gleaming jersey made of water bottles

Klaas-Jan approves

Here he is with a jersey in his hand (get it?)

Still blows the mind, 13 water bottles equals one uniform

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