Oregon Just Unveiled The Crazy Stormtrooper Uniforms They're Going To Wear In The Rose Bowl

Oregon Ducks Rose Bowl uniform

Photo: University of Oregon

It is the Oregon Ducks and it is Nike. So nobody should be surprised that the two sides would push the boundaries of football uniforms for this year’s Rose Bowl.Last year, the Ducks went neon for the BCS National Championship game. This year, they have apparently gone to a galaxy far, far away (via The University of Oregon)…

“Oregon represents the gold-standard when it comes to merging science and innovation with athletic performance and we are excited to continue our partnership with Nike by unveiling the next iteration in uniform innovation for the Rose Bowl” said Oregon Ducks Head Football Coach Chip Kelly.

Check out the rest of the uniform on the next few pages…

With more schools using matte colours on their helmets, Oregon (of course) goes ultra glossy

Even the jersey is shiny

The jersey and pants alone have 11 different materials

The helmet comes with reflective gladiator wings

For some reason, Nike has always gotten a pass for comparing their athletes to soldiers

The gloves look like they are designed to be worn unstrapped (all the cool kids are doing it)

The thigh padding includes a carbon fibre plate, as needed

We assume the uniforms won't have wings, but with Oregon, you never know

Why release a picture of just the wings?

Would anybody be surprised if the players walked on to the field dressed like this?

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