Nike’s new yoga collection has a key advantage that should worry Lululemon

Nike’s new yoga collection launched this week. Courtesy of Nike
  • Nike officially launched its new yoga collection this week.
  • The collection features both men’s and women’s wear and includes a mix of workout pants, tops, underwear, and sweatshirts.
  • The apparel has an air of Lululemon, but it is significantly cheaper than its rival.

Nike officially launched its new yoga collection this week after announcing its arrival during an earnings call in December.

This is Nike’s first foray into yoga wear, a market that was formerly dominated by Lululemon but has increasingly been saturated with other options.

Nike may have a new edge here, however, as its apparel comes in at a cheaper price than the Lululemon equivalent.

A similar-looking women’s sports bra, for example, costs $US35 at Nike but $US58 at Lululemon. Women’s yoga pants start at $US45 at Nike, but at Lululemon, you’ll pay north of $US88. These price differences are evident in menswear, too – Nike’s men’s training pants are $US65; at Lululemon, they start at $US108.

As new players have flooded the market, Lululemon has looked to diversify its offering. To do so, it has made a bigger push into menswear. It recently outlined a strategy to grow this area of the business to $US1 billion by 2020, and it seems to be resonating. In Lululemon’s quarterly earnings call in May, COO Stuart Haselden said that 30% of the new customers added in the first quarter of 2018 were men.

Take a look at Nike’s new collection below:

This is the first time Nike has launched a collection of apparel specifically for yoga.


In the past, the brand has been focused on clothing for high-intensity sports.


In its press release, Nike outlined the benefits of yoga for athletes.


The benefits included: strength, stability, improving endurance, and becoming more flexible.


Some of its new collection has an air of Lululemon.


But these items are significantly cheaper.

Lululemon’s $US58 sports bra (left), Nike’s similar version for $US35 (right). Lululemon and Nike