Nike's Made A Sneaker Out Of Kevin Durant's Legendary 66-Point Streetball Game In Harlem

You know a streetball performance is legendary when Nike makes a sneaker out of it.

This Saturday Nike is launching the KD VI NYC 66’s — a special version of Kevin Durant’s signature shoe that’s inspired by the night Durant dropped 66 points at Rucker Park in Harlem.

The 66-point game came on August 1, 2011, during the NBA lockout. He finished the game with four-straight 3-pointers, causing the crowd to spill out onto the court in pandemonium.

It was one of the coolest basketball moments of the last three years.

Nike used Durant’s jersey colours that night to make the orange colorway of the NYC 66’s.

The KD VI NYC 66

The sole is awesome

From above

The reddish tint on the inside of the shoe

The two-tone heel

The toe

The eyelets for the laces are staggered

From ground level

They even made a backpack to match

And socks

Here's his 3-point barrage. It's worth watching

(video provider='youtube' id='DBsLxqH-0bQ' size='xlarge' align='center')

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