Check Out The Awesome Special-Edition Sneakers That Nike Gave LeBron James For Winning MVP

lebron james mvp sneakers

Photo: Nike, Inc.

Apparently winning the NBA MVP gets you some free, special-edition shoes.LeBron James wore his brand new LeBron 9 MVP Edition sneakers in yesterday’s win over the Pacers.

Despite LeBron’s propensity for big, loud spectacles, the kicks are pretty solid — with the Miami Heat red/white/black colour scheme, white laces, and yellow details.

There are some flourishes — the MVP insignia on the heel and the tiny trophies on the insole — but they’re subtle.

A limited number of these will go on sale next month, according to Nike.

The side profile, we dig the red speckles

The MVP logo on the heel

The sole

The view from the toes

The insole features all three of LBJ's MVP trophies

The outside of the shoe is black...

... And the inside is red, creating a cool, but subtle effect

Overall: We approve

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