Why Dennis Crowley Loves The Nike+ FuelBand

We went to check out the Nike event at SXSW. There is so much stuff being given out here for free, we were surprised that there was actually a line to go in and buy something: The Nike+ FuelBand. It’s a wristband that keeps track of your daily activity and how many calories you burn.

There were lots of Nike associates there to help people who wanted to buy the Nike+ FuelBand and walk out with it working. It felt similar to the Apple Store experience.

We ran into Foursquare’s Dennis Crowley there. Crowley said he got the product a few weeks ago, so we asked him what he likes about it. Turns out he’s tracked his activity with other stuff like pedometers, and he likes the wristband for the way it lights up and how it ties in with its own iPhone app.

Here’s what he said: