Nike Is About To Release These Wild Rainbow Sneakers To Support Gay Pride

nike be true gay pride sneaker

Photo: Nike, Inc.

Nike will roll out three special-edition sneakers as part of their BE TRUE campaign to support the LGBT community this week.They designed one city-specific sneaker for New York City, San Francisco, and Portland. And each city’s sneaker will only be sold in that city.

The Lunar Flow running shoe is already for sale in Portland for $130. On Friday, NYC’s Air Royals and San Francisco’s Flytops will hit stores for $120 and $140 respectively.

Our favourites: NYC’s grey Air Royals, followed closely by the Flytops.

What do you think?

The BE TRUE Air Royal is only available in New York City's Nike store

The soles form a rainbow

A stark contract between the grey and rainbow on the heel

The custom insoles

The BE TRUE Air Flytop is only available in San Francisco

It's similar to the NYC shoe, but the mid-soles are totally black

They also feature a high strap around the ankle

The BE TRUE Lunar Flow is only available in Portland

It's a running shoe, and the colour scheme is inverted from the NYC and San Francisco shoes, with the rainbow mesh going all around the shoe

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