These Nighttime Photos Of The International Space Station Look Like Something Out Of A Horror Movie

ISS at night ESAThe International Space Station

While his five colleagues were sleeping, astronaut Alexander Gerst photographed the International Space Station (ISS) at nighttime — and ended up with this enchanting series of images.

Gerst, a European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut from Germany, is coming to the end of the six-month long Blue Dot Mission — and will return to Earth on 10 November.

Gerst has been shooting his surroundings while working at ISS and these pictures are a spooky insight into the research centre after hours; capturing the silent, floating world of living in space.

In October, the ESA reported Gerst left the relative safety of the station to venture into open space with NASA astronaut Reid Wiseman.

Two suited astronauts float quietly in the darkness.

A green, mesmerising hue makes the station look like something out of the movie 'Alien'.

A lone astronaut peers up from a door.

Dim blue lights create a captivating scene inside the orbiting ISS.

Where there are a lot of wires.

It looks quite lonely at night.

And quiet.

A normal-looking laptop, on the right, looks like a gentle reminder of every day technology alongside the mind-boggling space-age equipment.

The ISS is 72 metres long.

And has a height of just 20 metres.

This image is very spooky indeed.

By this point, it was probably time to go to bed.

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