VIDEO: Police Helicopter Night Vision Footage Shows Details Of Terror Raids

A Police helicopter hovering over this morning’s counter terrorism raids in Sydney has captured footage of the operation which involved more than 800 police officers.

At dawn police raided homes across 12 Sydney suburbs, executing 25 warrants and arresting 15 people.

The grayscale aerial video shows an apartment block and car-lined street before cutting to footage of police appearing to be exiting a building in one of the Sydney suburbs where the raids took place.

It also shows a number of police officers gathered on the street at the end of the footage.

Police have confirmed Omarjan Azari, 22, was arrested during the anti-terror raids in Sydney and has been charged with “conspiracy to commit acts in preparation for a terrorist act.”

It is Australia’s largest ever counter-terrorism operation and is targeting a group planning “random acts of violence” against a member, or members of the public, on the streets of Sydney.

Here’s the aerial footage of the raid from NSW Police.

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