Night Links: Around The World In 80 Seconds

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Let’s take a quick tour around the globe and catch up on what’s happening, shall we?

  • Healthcare reform foes just 11 votes shy of killing the bill (CNN)
  • Huge spending cuts coming to the Garden State (NYT)
  • Japan: More money printing to tackle deflation (Bloomberg)
  • Australia facing a housing “time bomb” (Sydney Morning Herald)
  • Major power supply issues in South Africa (Mail & Guardian)
  • Dmitry Medveded growing into his role as a Russian strongman (Moscow Times)
  • China tells the US to buzz off on currency pressure (Shanghai Daily)
  • Hackers hit Chinese defence websites, too (Shanghai Daily)
  • Hillary to Israel: No, really, we’re still friends (BBC)
  • LA mayor in DC looking for a handout (LA Times)
  • New poll out shows violent divisions on healthcare (WSJ)

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