Here is the number of times per day Nigel Farage visits a pub

Nigel Farage pintREUTERS/Suzanne PlunkettFarage in his natural habitat.

Raheem Kassam was UKIP leader Nigel Farage’s right-hand man and top strategist during the party’s disastrous election campaign, in which Farage failed to win the Thanet South constituency he stood for.

Kassam is a curious figure: a son of Muslim immigrants who left the Conservative Party to join the anti-immigrant UKIP movement, and who now writes for the far-right Breitbart media empire. The Guardian has a fantastic story about him today, based on his telling of what really went on inside UKIP during the election campaign.

You should really click through to read the whole thing. But here is a taster, a description of a typical day with Farage on the campaign trail:

On a typical day, Farage would be up at 6am, bright and perky for a breakfast of kippers at a nearby hotel. “Then we’d rendezvous at the office and decide what we want to do for the day, which would involve some walkabouts and a lot of knocking on doors. Then we’d maybe hit a pub for lunch. Then more walkabouts and more canvassing. Then another pint around 5 o’clock, go out and do more evening canvassing. Then around 9, we’d go to The Smugglers [pub] for dinner or we’d go to La Magnolia [an Italian] and have a nice civilised meal.”

So, that’s three pubs per day, then.

Read the whole thing here.

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