Nigel Farage Hides In Edinburgh Pub To Escape Mob Chanting ‘Racist Nazi Scum’

Nigel Farage, the leader of UKIP — a anti-immigration, anti-EU political party that has been having serious successes in recent elections — was forced to hide in a pub in Edinburgh today after being hounded by “anti-racism” protesters.

This picture, from the Guardian’s Scotland correspondent, shows the crowd outside:


Farage had been at the Canons Gait pub in the Scottish capital’s Royal Mile to give a press conference in support of a local Ukip candidate, but he was soon forced to barricade himself inside after an angry crowd formed outside, the Daily Mirror reports.

According to the Daily Record, there were dozens of protesters outside chanting “racist Nazi scum.”

Farage attempted to escape in a passing taxi, the Scottish Herald reports, but was forced to retreat to the pub. He eventually left in a police riot van as the crowd chanted  “Leave Scotland, go back to England.”

The protest had been organised by a group called Radical Independence Edinburgh, a grassroots organisation seeking Scottish independence from the United Kingdom.

Farage has told the BBC that he has never had a reaction like this before.