Nielsen Has An Embarrassing Stat For Windows Phones

Nielsen released an analysis of smartphone market share by operating system and manufacturer Thursday. The data aren’t too surprising. Android now runs on a bit more than half of all smartphones in the U.S. Apple’s iOS is at 34% in the U.S.  

But we did notice one interesting trend.

Windows Mobile, Microsoft’s old smartphone operating system, has more marketshare than the current Windows Phone 7 platform. 

That’s pretty embarrassing, considering Windows Phone 7 launched about a year and a half ago and is about to be replaced by Windows Phone 8. Microsoft no longer actively supports Windows Mobile.

Even more interesting: Nokia, Microsoft’s primary Windows Phone partner, has fewer Windows Phone 7 devices in the U.S. than Samsung or HTC.

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Here’s the chart:

nielsen Q2 2012 united states smartphone market share chart

Photo: Nielsen

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