‘Morning Joe’ Guest Freaks Out At MSNBC’s Chuck Todd When He Won’t Say Chris Christie Had A ‘Good Day’

Chuck Todd Nicolle Wallace

“Morning Joe” guest and former White House communications director Nicolle Wallace battled back and forth with NBC White House correspondent Chuck Todd on Wednesday morning, something that was set off when Todd wouldn’t say explicitly that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) had a “good day” on Tuesday.

Christie appeared in Chicago on Tuesday, where he spoke before the Economic Club of Chicago. He also raised about $US1 million for the Republican Governors Association, a spokesman said.

“Morning Joe” host asked Todd if he thought Christie had a “pretty good day yesterday,” a question that seemingly left Todd baffled.

“OK…” he said. “I guess — how do you define … what’s the definition of a ‘good day?'”

Wallace, a GOP strategist and the White House communications director under President George W. Bush, interjected with, “Come on!” and “Oh my God!”

“Stop, stop. Rachel’s not on until 9,” she quipped, a reference to MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and her extensive coverage of the George Washington Bridge scandal under Christie. This comment irked Todd, who said the “Morning Joe” panel was “overdoing it” with praise of Christie.

“So much time has been spent in the last four weeks covering every teeny, minuscule, breaking non-news event — ” Wallace said.

“Not on my show,” Todd said, taking a sip from his coffee mug.

“Well, on the network on which you appear, and I appear,” Wallace responded. Wallace lamented that there’s been so much coverage on the Christie scandal, but that there wasn’t the same type of coverage devoted to Christie’s perceived “good day” on Tuesday.

“As a journalist, you should cover a day like yesterday,” she said.

Watch the full clip below: