Former CNBC Anchor Nicole Lapin Has Joined Bloomberg TV

Nicole Lapin

Photo: Bloomberg TV screenshot

Nicole Lapin has returned to financial television joining Bloomberg TV.She was on Bloomberg TV just moments ago talking about an interview she did with Foursquare founder Dennis Crowley. 

Sources at Bloomberg have confirmed that Lapin is currently on the tech beat at the network. Right now, she’s filling in as a substitute anchor on “Bloomberg West.” 

She will be filling in on “Bloomberg West” (along with West Coast contributor Willow Bay) for Emily Chang, who is due to go on maternity leave any day now, Business Insider has learned.

“Bloomberg TV is really on the pulse of the growing tech scene, from New York City to San Francisco. We’re following the new money trail, and I’m excited to be working on the most innovative business team in the industry,” Lapin said in a statement to Business Insider about her new role at Bloomberg TV.

A year ago, the 28-year-old broadcast beauty left CNBC where she anchored  “World Wide Exchange” to launch her own multimedia production company Nothing But Gold Productions

At that time, she started up financial advice website for women and has made appearances on ABC, ET and CNN.

Lapin is also a CNN veteran where she spent four years anchoring.  She was also one of the youngest anchors in the network’s history. 

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Nicole Lapin

Bloomberg TV screenshot

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