Nicole Kidman says her marriage to Keith Urban struggled while filming her new movie

Urban and Kidman got married in 2006. Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for HFA
  • Actress Nicole Kidman said her latest role in the film, “Destroyer,” took a toll on her marriage to Kieth Urban.
  • Kidman said on BBC’s “The Graham Norton Show” that the darkness of the role stuck with her, and that she was “a bit of a nightmare” while shooting.

Nicole Kidman said that her marriage to country singer Kieth Urban struggled while filming “Destroyer,” in which she played a role that took her to a very dark place.

“I was a bit of a nightmare,” Kidman said on BBC’s “The Graham Norton Show” airing Friday.

In “Destroyer,” which opens on December 25, Kidman plays an LAPD cop who goes undercover in a gang. Years later, as the leader of the gang reemerges, she has to face her dark past. The film also stars Sebastian Stan, Tatiana Maslany, and Bradley Whitford.

Nicole kidman
Here’s what Kidman looks like in her role in ‘Destroyer.’ Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images and Annapurna Pictures

The role is very dark, and Kidman said she had to “live” with the character, which affected her 12-year marriage to Urban.

“My husband was like, ‘When is this going to end?’ As an actor, you take on things and some you can shed and walk away from and others you can’t,” the actress said.

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Kidman also noted that her role in “Destroyer” is one of her darkest roles yet.

“It’s really a tough, gritty film,” she said, “which is something I’d never done and I am always looking for new territory to explore.”

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