Nicole Kidman has been roasted on social media for the strange way she was filmed clapping at the Oscars

Photo: Channel 9/Screenshot

Nicole Kidman has baffled Oscars viewers around the world with a unique style of applauding.

The Australian actress was filmed clapping Charlize Theron who was walking on stage to introduce an award.

And here’s what the camera captured:

People were baffled by the gesture.

People questioned why she was clapping the way she was.

Some likened her rigid, splayed hands to a fictional Dr Seuss character.

Some offered explanations as to where she learned this style of clapping.

This person actually had quite a good suggestion as to why she was clapping that way – she didn’t want her nails to be ruined.

Kidman enjoyed a meteoric rise to fame in Hollywood after winning an Oscar for her best actress in a leading role performance in The Hours in 2002, and her nominations for for best actress in a leading role in Moulin Rouge in 2001, best performance by an actress in a leading role for Rabbit Hole in 2010, and this year best performance by an actress in a supporting role for critically acclaimed Lion.

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