Comedian Nicole Byer claims she made a disgusting discovery while flying first-class on Delta Airlines

YouTube / Team CocoComedian Nicole Byer tells her story to Conan O’Brien.

  • Comedian Nicole Byer said she found poop on her in-flight blanket while flying first-class on Delta Air Lines.
  • She said Delta told her it may have come from a disgruntled employee.
  • Byer said she received 600 Delta Dollars, 50,000 miles, and a refund on her ticket after reporting the incident to the airline.

Airlines put blankets in sealed, plastic bags to make it appear as if the blanket is new – or, at least, has been washed since its last use.

But comedian Nicole Byer found out the hard way that isn’t always true. During a recent appearance on “Conan,” Byer told a story about a Delta Air Lines flight on which she allegedly found poop on her in-flight blanket. Byer tweeted about the incident in March 2017.

Byer was flying first-class from Louisiana to Atlanta, when, during the descent, she became cold and unwrapped the blanket.

“I pulled out the blanket out of this sealed, plastic bag. Open it. A little brown crumble falls on me,” she said.

“I open it more and I see this brown thing in it, so I drop it because I was like, ‘Is it an animal? What is it?’ So then I open it with my foot, this man’s staring at me – I’m in first class, thank you – and the smell hits me and I was like, ‘Oh my god! Oh my god I think that’s a piece of poop!'”

After the flight landed, Byer said she told a flight attendant about the incident and asked for hand sanitizer. After the flight attendant inspected Byer’s blanket, Byer said the attendant became excited.

“Oh my god, I got to get my phone!” the flight attendant reportedly said.

After tweeting to Delta about the incident, Byer said Delta told her it believed the incident resulted from a “disgruntled employee.”

Byer then said she negotiated Delta’s initial offer of 250 Delta Dollars to 600 Delta Dollars, 50,000 miles, and a refund on her ticket. But her troubles weren’t over.

“I found a piece of poop in my phone a week later,” she said.

“We are disheartened by the experience the customer reported,” Delta said to Business Insider in a statement. The company added that it wants to “ensure a similar event does not occur.”

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