More Signs That Nick Saban Is About To Abandon Alabama And Take Over At Texas

Mack Brown and Nick SabanGetty ImagesMack Brown and Nick Saban

Mack Brown has still not stepped down at as the football coach at the University of Texas. But as days continue to pass, more signs are indicating that it is only a matter of time before Nick Saban jumps ship at Alabama and takes over at Texas.

The brightest red flag hanging over Tuscaloosa right now is the extension offered to Saban by Alabama a week ago that remains unsigned. While no formal contract has been offered, Paul Finebaum of ESPN reports that Alabama officials have made a verbal “offer of commitment” that Saban has not agreed to.

According to Finebaum, school officials are growing uncomfortable the longer Saban goes without an agreement.

There is also a report from Geoff Ketchum of, the site that originally reported that Brown would step down this week, that Saban is looking into candidates for a potential coaching staff at Texas.

Meanwhile, more outlets are reporting that Brown will indeed step down. A source told Brett McMurphy of that Brown will resign by the end of the week. Brown met with the media today and would only say that his situation has not changed and that he would meet with school officials “in the near future.”

At this point, it would be very easy for both Saban and Brown to squash these rumours, but so far that hasn’t happened. Instead, all signs are pointing to Brown resigning and Saban is weighing the possibility, at the very least, of accepting the Texas job.

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